Best Warframe Weapon Tier List 2022 – Weapons Ranked From Best To Worst

Best Warframe Weapon Tier List 2022 – Weapons Ranked From Best To Worst

Warframe Weapon Tier List

The Warframe Weapon Tier List is a useful tool for anyone who is looking to level up their character. This article discusses various weapons, including the Excalibur Prime, Vectis Sniper Rifle, and Northstar Pulse Rifle. It also discusses the Kuva Nukor status chance.

Vectis Sniper Rifle

Warframe Weapon Tier List
warframe weapon tier list

The Vectis Sniper RIFLE is an outstanding choice for those who are seeking a weapon that is extremely accurate and has an impressive damage output. This weapon can kill multiple targets in a single shot, which makes it an excellent choice for players who aren’t afraid to take risks. While this weapon is best used in the open world, it can also be effective on normal missions.

This weapon is considered one of the most powerful melee weapons in Warframe, with a high damage output and full-auto fire. Its first shot is very powerful, with a 90% chance to damage enemies. Its drawback is that it requires a lot of ammo. In comparison, the Ignis Wraith is an excellent flamethrower with high critical damage, but is difficult to acquire.

Standard Warframe Weapon Tier List

Another great choice is the Akstiletto Prime. This weapon is one of the best burst weapons in the game. Its high damage output and fast firing rate makes it one of the best sidearms in Warframe. The New Dera is a modified version of the original Dera, with tweaks to better suit modern Warframe. The Banshee Prime, meanwhile, has high fire rate and powerful shots.

Northstar Pulse Rifle

If you’re wondering whether the Northstar Pulse Rifle should be on the Warframe Weapon Tier List, you’re not alone. The game has an extensive selection of weapons. Players can use everything from precision single-fire pistols to moving offensive drones. But which weapon is the best? There are several factors to consider when choosing a weapon, and these factors will help you make the right decision.

While the Northstar Pulse Rifle does good damage, it isn’t perfect. It deals relatively low damage when fired immediately, but can knock Pilots and Minions back with a single shot. It can also be effective against Titans who use CQC-based weapons.

Tenet Grigori is a strong secondary, but is lacking in critical damage. However, this weapon is great for clearing groups of enemies and is a great option for killing fodder. It also has a nice critical stat and a 14% status chance per bullet.

Warframe Weapon Tier Listing 2022: All Weapons Ranked

Image 245 Warframe Weapon Tier List
warframe weapon tier list

Listed below are all one of the best weapons, bows, and extra ranked in Warframe:

Warframe SS+ to S Tier Finest Weapons

SS+ TierTenet Envoy
SS+ TierTenet Arca Plasmor
SS+ TierProboscis Cernos
SS TierKuva Bramma
SS TierKuva Zarr
S+ TierBubonico
S+ TierCedo
S+ TierAcceltra
S+ TierIgnis Wraith
S+ TierTrumna
S TierRubico Prime
S TierTenet Tetra
S TierTenet Flux Rifle

Warframe A+ to A Tier Weapons

A+ TierKuva Chakkhurr
A+ TierKuva Ogris
A+ TierKuva Hek
A+ TierCorinth Prime
A+ TierVectis Prime
A+ TierAstilla Prime
A+ TierTenora Prime
A+ TierOpticor Vandal
A+ TierTiberon Prime
A+ TierSupra Vandal
A TierKuva Kohm
A TierShedu
A TierTigris Prime
A TierKuva Tonkor
A TierKuva Quartakk
A TierVaykor Hek
A TierStahlta
A TierAmprex
A TierBaza Prime
A TierArca Plasmor
A TierZenith
A TierAmbassador
A TierPhantasma
A TierFulmin
A TierLenz
A TierExergis
A TierSoma Prime
A TierDread

Warframe B+ to D Tier Weapons

B+ TierKuva Hind
B+ TierPanthera Prime
B+ TierZhuge Prime
B+ TierOpticor
B+ TierFerrox
B+ TierKuva Karak
B+ TierSporothrix
B+ TierKuva Drakgoon
B+ TierBoltor Prime
B+ TierSybaris Prime
B+ TierCernos Prime
B+ TierSancti Tigris
B+ TierGlaxion Vandal
B+ TierQuellor
B+ TierRakta Cernos
B+ TierStradavar Prime
B+ TierSecura Penta
B+ TierSynoid Simulor
B+ TierTelos Boltor
B TierSynapse
B TierBasmu
B TierPrisma Grakata
B TierPhage
B TierPrisma Grinlok
B TierBoar Prime
B TierPrisma Gorgon
B TierLanka
B TierBattacor
B TierAstilla
B TierDaikyu
B TierStrun Wraith
B TierTenora
B TierQuanta Vandal
B TierLatron Prime
B TierNagantaka
B TierCorinth
B TierKomorex
B TierParis Prime
B TierMutalist Cernos
B TierZarr
B TierDex Sybaris
B TierSobek
B TierHema
B TierVulkar Wraith
B TierBaza
B TierConvectrix
B TierScourge
B TierRubico
B TierKohm
B TierIgnis
B TierSnipetron Vandal
B TierHek
B TierVectis
C+ TierSupra
C+ TierBurston Prime
C+ TierBuzlok
C+ TierQuartakk
C+ TierZhuge
C+ TierTiberon
C+ TierOgris
C+ TierBraton Prime
C+ TierStradavar
C+ TierVeldt
C+ TierGlaxion
C+ TierTigris
C+ TierKarak Wraith
C+ TierLatron Wraith
C+ TierArgonak
C+ TierAttica
C+ TierGorgon Wraith
C+ TierParacyst
C+ TierDera Vandal
C+ TierJavlok
C+ TierPanthera
C+ TierGrinlok
C+ TierHarpak
C TierSoma
C TierCarmine Penta
C TierMiter
C TierCernos
C TierFlux Rifle
C TierPenta
C TierTonkor
C TierGrakata
C TierDrakgoon
C TierSybaris
C TierSimulor
C TierBraton Vandal
C TierTorid
C TierPrisma Tetra
C TierMutalist Quanta
C TierBoltor
C TierKarak
C TierSnipetron
D+ TierQuanta
D+ TierDera
D+ TierVulkar
D+ TierParis
D+ TierParis
D+ TierTetra
D+ TierGorgon
D+ TierBoar
D+ TierStrun
D TierMk1-strun
D TierMk1-braton
D TierMk1-paris
D TierHind
D TierLatron
D TierBraton
D TierBurston

Kuva Nukor status chance

Kuva Nukor is a secondary weapon that blasted out a microwave-like beam and dealt radiation damage to its target. It also had a high critical multiplier and status chance, and its crit damage multiplier was high. In addition, Kuva Nukor also has a high range and great magazine size, making it an excellent weapon to use when you want to quickly rack up Platinum and Gold.

The Kuva Nukor is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, making it an essential part of any team. Its beam chaining ability allows you to kill many targets with a single shot, and its high status chance makes it a top Condition Overload primer. The Kuva Nukor can also pair well with glaives of any type.

One Kuva Nukor variant provides an incredible amount of damage for a short time. You can chain a Kuva Nukor to two enemies within range of your initial target. This can be very useful when fighting a large group of enemies. The Kuva Nukor also uses ammo per damage tick, which means it takes about 0.6 seconds to reach 100%. However, after 0.8 seconds, it will decay back to its base level. Therefore, it’s best to use this weapon constantly.

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