Call of Duty: Warzone Boneyard Bunker Code in 2022

The B7 Warzone Boneyard Bunker Code requires an access code to enter. The code is 97264138. The building has two huge vault doors, and a tiny keypad to enter the code. A small curved incision in the door will allow you to unlock the door. The code is very important in this level because you have limited time and are likely to encounter squads. After you have entered the code, you can loot the building and move on.

Call of Duty: Warzone Boneyard Bunker Code

Warzone Boneyard Bunker Code

Once you have the code, you can enter it to access the B7 Boneyard Bunker. The Boneyard Bunker is located in Verdansk. The map will show you the grid ‘B7’. The code will be in the top right corner of the grid. If you’re having trouble finding the correct codes, just remember to keep the path and keep an eye on the tallest building. You’ll find the B7 Boneyard Bunker on the lower-left corner of the map.boneyard bunker code

There are two Boneyard Bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone. The North Boneyard is in the B5 section of the map. This building is located in Verdansk. The entrance to the B7 Boneyard Bunker is located inside this building. The keycode is found in the top right corner. Once you have the code, you can head into the bunker. The access code will open a door that is barred to you.

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Bunker Code Boneyard in Call of Duty: Warzone

In Call of Duty: Warzone, you can access two different types of bunkers by using the bunker code. The North Boneyard bunker is in the B5 section of the map, while the South Boneyard is located in the B7 section. To get into the Boneyard, look for a building with a curved entry point. If you have trouble navigating it, you can always use a secret code to unlock the door.bunker code boneyard

The B7 Boneyard Bunker is located in Verdansk, which is found on the lower left corner of the map. The area is surrounded by the ‘B7’ grid. The access code is found on the B7 grid, which is the first building you see when you arrive. Once inside, you can use the keypad to unlock Legendary loot. To open the bunker, you need to use the B7 grid code.

The Boneyard has twelve bunker locations, including two that are near the Boneyard POI. The Boneyard bunker codes are quite easy to find, and are easy to find if you know the proper locations to go. You can also find videos on YouTube showing how to get the code, which is 97264138. In Warzone, it is very important to keep the code safe while playing. There are many perks and rewards to be obtained in Warzone bunkers, but they can also be dangerous.

Boneyard Bunker Code How to Unlock the South Boneyard Bunker

The Boneyard has two Bunkers, the South and the North. The South Bunker is on the other side of the map, on the other side of the nameless warehouses. It has curved entry points that allow you to enter the bunker with a barred door. To open the door, enter the North Boneyard bunker code 87624851. The North Boneyard is located in the B5 section of the map.

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north boneyard bunker code

The North Boneyard Bunker is found in the north, just past the road. You need to enter the North Boneyard Bunker code 97264138 to unlock the South. The South Bunker code is 97264138. The code for the South is the same. This is the second-to-last location in the Bunker. The first part of the Bunker is blocked by a pin pad.

The South Boneyard Bunker is located on the opposite side of the road, near the entrance to the town. To enter the Bunker, you must find the Red Steel Trailer. The Red Steel Trailer will give you the exact coordinates of the North Boneyard Bunker. Once you’ve gotten it, you can proceed to the next step, which is entering the North Boneyard Bunker code. The code for the South is 97264138.

The North Boneyard Bunker code can be used to unlock the South Boneyard Bunker. The code is 87624851. You must find the five Intel files to access the Bunker. To unlock the OP weapons, you’ll need to enter the South Boneyard Bunker code. You can also get the OP weapons from the Red Steel Trailer. These weapons contain 2 Intel files. Regardless of which location you visit, make sure you find the Red Steel Trailer before going inside the South.




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