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Pokemon With Blue Color Schemes and Water Types

There are a number of various kinds of Pokemon with blue colour schemes and aquatic tendencies. The huge ocean of water Pokemon is stuffed with quite a lot of distinctive traits that make them an amazing match for the water-type class. However which Pokemon stand out as one of the best water varieties? Which of them are value catching? Which of them make their rivals out of date? Listed here are some suggestions for choosing the right water varieties. Let’s begin with Milotic. When you establish your Water Kind, it’s time to discover a water Pokemon that fits you.


Though Milotic is a water sort, it’s fairly weak to Electrical and Grass assaults. The excellent news is that the majority of its standing circumstances aren’t affected by these two varieties. As such, Milotic can PP stall Pokemon that depend on standing circumstances. It may possibly stall Porygon, Registeel, and Cresselia as nicely. It may possibly additionally face up to assaults from cumbersome setup sweepers. Due to its entry to Haze and Marvel Scale, Milotic can act as a standing absorber and wall Pokemon in aggressive play.

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When you’re on the lookout for a robust defensive Pokemon to tackle the heaviest groups, Milotic can match nicely. It may possibly verify Electrical and Grass-type Pokemon, resembling Machamp, Toxicroak, and Gardevoir. The beauty of this Water-type Pokemon is that it will probably additionally PP stall different Pokemon with Scald. It may possibly additionally use Haze and Scald burn to drive out setup sweepers and get into a good place to make the final hit.


As a water-type, Gastrodon has a particularly dependable defensive typing, capacity, and restoration. Gastrodon can verify frequent threats like Eelektross and Victreebel. Whereas it lacks the ability of Fireplace Blast, it will probably block Lanturn’s Volt Swap. Whereas its weaknesses make it a distinct segment counterpick, it’s value contemplating. Its weak point to frequent Grass-types is critical, as it’s weak to Pokemon resembling Torterra and Eelektross. Apart from being weak to most Grass-type Pokemon, Gastrodon additionally suffers from Poisonous and passiveness, and requires extra use of Get well.

Whereas Gastrodon shouldn’t be a viable Pokemon, it nonetheless provides a singular counterplay to different water-type strikes. Whereas it has mediocre bulk stats, its Storm Drain capacity is a major profit. Its gradual pace makes it weak to slow-moving assaults and strikes, and it’ll often take injury earlier than shifting. Mega Kangaskhan is a selected hazard for Gastrodon. The previous can deal extra injury than the latter and is extra prone to survive a Mega Kangaskhan.


The small Blue-colored Pokemon, Horsea, resembles a seahorse. It has six spikes on both sides of its head and purple eyes with black pupils. The Horsea’s mouth is a cylinder-like form and when threatened, it spits black ink. It additionally has a small curled tail beneath its abdomen. It stands at just one foot and 4 inches tall. This pokemon can be taught the Dragon Pulse and Ice Beam.

Though the Horsea is taken into account a water-type Pokemon, its weak point is floor, rock, and water. Due to this, it’s troublesome to evolve right into a higher-level Pokemon. To evolve, use dragon scale. You will want to make use of dragon scale to do that, however the rewards are nicely value it. Horsea has a cp of 1,056. It evolves into kingdra at stage 32 after buying and selling dragon scale.


The Wishiwashi is a Water sort Pokemon, and is taken into account a small fry. Its glistening eyes shine brightly when it feels hazard. Although small, this Pokemon is terrifying. In contrast to different Water varieties, it solely assaults as a faculty and tear up when threatened. To make issues worse, it’s the shortest Water sort. If you’re on the lookout for a Pok√©mon to coach, take into account buying a Wishiwashi at present.

The Assault stat is excessive, and Wishiwashi is able to a 2HKO towards Water resistant Pokemon. Its Water-type strikes embrace Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, and Hidden Energy Grass. It additionally has entry to 2 Particular Assault strikes, Hidden Energy Grass and U-turn. The U-turn is helpful for preserving momentum throughout predicted switches. The Water-type Pokemon additionally has weak protection, and its Assault stat could be topped by way of Life Orb.

Gastrodon’s Mega Evolution

The title “Gastrodon” refers back to the creature’s allopatric speciation. The creature is said to Shellder and Cloyster. It may possibly ooze purple fluid when threatened and lives in shallow tidal swimming pools. It’s lively throughout wet or cloudy days and feeds on plankton. It additionally wanders onto land often to seek for meals. Nonetheless, Gastrodon can not keep on land for lengthy intervals attributable to dehydration.

Gastrodon is a dual-type Floor/Water Pokemon that evolves from Shellos at stage 30. Any such Pokemon faces immense competitors from different cumbersome Water and Floor-types. Nonetheless, it does have its niches. Its x4 weak point to Grass makes it weak to threats resembling Lilligant and Magmortar. When you’re on the lookout for a Pokemon with respectable defensive typing, Gastrodon is a strong alternative.


The Volcanion is a dual-type Pokemon that may make the most of each hearth and water to make its assaults. It has arms on its again that fireplace and steam can come out of, which causes explosive shock waves and alter the form of the land. Whereas it’s uncommon to come across a Volcanion in recreation, it’s a highly effective switch-in for Azumarill. Nonetheless, it lacks some essential qualities that can make it an efficient switch-in.

Regardless of being a legendary Pokemon, Volcanion can’t be obtained by means of common gameplay. Nonetheless, the sport builders have teased that extra details about this Pokemon is coming in future updates. A video revealing this will likely be launched quickly on the official Pokemon web site, together with extra particulars on the brand new function. You may take a look at the trailer under to be taught extra. Whereas this Pokemon shouldn’t be out there within the first recreation, it has appeared in a number of different video games. The latest video games are Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. There’s additionally an augmented actuality recreation referred to as Pokemon Go.

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