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Weapons Deepwoken Complete Helpful List 2023

Weapons Deepwoken Complete List

Weapons Deepwoken Complete Helpful List? The Roblox game Deepwoken has a number of great weapons that can be used in battle. This article will provide you with a list of Deepwoken weapons and their stats and enchantments. This list will give you a clear picture of which weapons are worth purchasing and which ones you should avoid.

Roblox game features

Roblox game features deepwoken complete list includes different races, story telling, weapons, and combat mechanics. In addition, this game features many items that you can craft, including weapons, armor, and items. For example, Bamboo Shoots can be turned into cloth, and Spider Eggs can become sacks. There are many items that can be made from the common goods you find throughout the game.

The game is not free, and requires Robux. In addition to this, it will require you to have 2 Charisma and Willpower to be able to progress through the game. You will also need to purchase gems and resources, such as a bell progression guide. If you’re a newbie, you can use a deepwoken complete list to guide you through the game.

Weapons in Deepwoken

Weapons Deepwoken Complete Helpful List

There are a few different types of weapons in Deepwoken. The most common weapon is the sword. However, if you are looking for more versatility, you can consider switching to a spear. These weapons can do a lot more damage, even at close range, and can be useful for avoiding melee attacks. A dagger is another weapon you can use for close combat. It deals lower damage than the sword, but is still effective for dealing heavy damage to opponents with forward impacts.

Whether you are looking for an axe, a sword, a gun, or a dagger, you’ll be happy to know that Deepwoken has plenty of different types of weapons. There are four different types of swords in the game. Daggers are also a great option for close-range combat, and a dagger’s crit rate is higher than other weapons.

Their stats

To gain the upper hand in this fantasy MMORPG, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the game’s weapons. You’ll need to know the type of weapons that can help you beat your enemies, their durability, and their reputation. A list of all the weapons in the game can be found here.

There are four main types of weapons in Deepwoken. These include swords and spears. Swords are great close-range weapons, while spears are good for battling enemies with high speed. You can also equip a gun if you want to defend yourself against enemies that move fast.

Their enchantments

The weapons in Roblox Deepwoken are varied and include weapons for each race. The best weapons in the game will depend on your race and the type of gameplay you prefer. Luckily, any race can win in the game, but the best ones will be better suited to your specific play style. This Roblox game is not permadeath-style, but it is quite hard, so a deep knowledge of weapons is essential for any player who wants to maximize their game play.

Weapons in the game can be crafted by using materials and equipment. These materials help you create more complex items. They are also useful for making grenades and potions. In addition, these items will replenish your Hunger and Thirst.

Deepwoken Weapons Checklist

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Beneath is a listing of all of the weapons that you should utilize throughout fight in Deepwoken. This record can moreover prolong with extra weapons in future updates. If that’s the case, we are going to make sure that to replace this text with an prolonged record.


  • Sword is the most typical and best weapon to make use of out of all of the weapons. It’s a nice starter weapon to make use of for brand new gamers and is nice on offense.
  • You need to use 4 varieties of totally different Swords:
    • Katana
    • Falchion
    • Messer
    • Scimitar


  •  Though a bit slower in effectivity than Sword, a spear is a weapon that’s nice for holding distance out of your opponents. It’s a lot efficient with close-ranged fight.
  • Along with that, it additionally can provide extra injury than a sword.
  • There are 4 varieties of totally different spears:
    • Trident
    • Iron spear
    • Ritual spear
    • Greamorian spear


  • Apart from being sooner than the remainder of the weapons, Dagger is a close-ranged weapon that offers with lesser injury. It goes properly with high-speed magic and works fairly properly to break opponents with few ahead impactful hits.
  • Stiletto dagger is among the first starter weapons you’ll use. There are three extra varieties of Daggers:
    • Silver Dagger
    • Parrying Dagger
    • Gilded dagger


  • Weapons are weapons that may trigger loopy injury to your opponents from a medium-range distance. It goes hand-in-hand with different weapons and may show fairly helpful when you find yourself low on well being.
  • There are three varieties of Weapons:
    • Dragoon
    • Flintlock
    • Revolver


  • Similar to the title of the weapon, Hammer is a heavy weapon and can provide huge injury to your opponents. Regardless of the injury issue, Hammer has a slower pace.
  • You’ll be able to pair it up with high-speed magic to make up for its gradual pace.


  • Greatsword is among the most troublesome weapons to yield and grasp. However as soon as mastered can provide heavy injury to opponents.
  • It does nice with lengthy and medium-range combats.
  • There are two varieties of Greatswords:
    • Zweihander Greatsword
    • Shadow Greatsword


  • Shields block the injury incoming out of your opponents and enable you in holding your armor sturdy. It’s an absolute protection weapon and can be utilized with different weapons.
  • There are three varieties of Shields:
    •  Targe
    • Worshipper’s Protect
    • Kite Protect


  • These weapons are much like hammers in relation to the heavy injury they provide.
  • As it’s a heavy weapon it has a slower pace however can show fairly helpful in medium and close-ranged combats.


  • Fists should not a weapon however a talent you’ll have to grasp as you proceed within the sport.
  • It really works with magic and may can help you grasp several types of martial arts.

Their scaling factors

Unlike other fantasy RPGs, Roblox Deepwoken weapons don’t scale based on your race or other stats. They are scaled off of the stats Shadowcast and Heavy Weapon. The higher the scaling letter, the more damage you can deal. The bonus damage is added to the base physical damage of the weapon, and is shown as blue numbers in your equipment screen.

There are a lot of different weapons in Deep Woken, and selecting which one to use can be tricky. Each weapon has a unique gameplay style. For example, the Silver Dagger differs greatly from the Stiletto. This means that you should try out both weapons before making a decision.

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