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What Do I Do Now Chapter 1

Here is Chapter 1 of What Do I Do Now. The What Do I Do Now fiction explores sin’s nature and its relationship to knowledge, society, and human experience. Although the story focuses on Puritan society’s political realities, it is important that readers understand that Hester Pryne is the main character. She is well aware of the death and sin consequences. The Puritan colonists in “Utopia” create a prison, and a cemetery, knowing that death will always be there.

Chapter 1: What do I Do Now?

Chapter 1 of What Do I Do Now begins with an earthquake, and a giant Titan named Colossus (which is taller than The Wall). Eren, Mikasa and others attempt to investigate, but they are attacked by the bullies. Mikasa arrives and the bullies disperse. Mikasa and Eren later investigate the earthquake that caused the Wall’s collapse and discover that the Colossus Titan had already arrived.

Armin is a close friend and being bullied by a bunch of boys from the What Do I Do Now chapter 1. Eren attempts to stop the bullies but they disperse after Mikasa arrives. Armin explains to them that he said that the Titans would attack. Eren chooses to protect Eren, despite the fact that they believe it. They investigate the earthquake which causes a gigantic Colossus Titan, which is taller then the Wall to erupt.




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