What Do I Do Now Chapter 1

This is the What Do I Do Now Chapter 1 that you can read. The What Do I Do Now novel is a work of fiction that explores the nature of sin and how it relates to knowledge, social order, and the human experience. While it focuses on the political reality of Puritan society, it is important to understand that the main character of the book, Hester Prynne, is already aware of the consequences of sin and death. In the “Utopia” the Puritan colonists create a prison and cemetery because they know that death will always come.

What Do I Do Now Chapter 1

The first What Do I Do Now Chapter 1 starts with an earthquake and a giant Titan called Colossus that is taller than the Wall. Eren and Mikasa try to investigate, but are attacked by the bullies. When Mikasa arrives, the bullies disperse. Later, Eren and Mikasa investigate the earthquake that has caused the Wall to collapse, and they learn that the Colossus Titan has already arrived.

Armin, a close friend of Eren, is being bullied by a group of boys in the What Do I Do Now Chapter 1. Eren tries to stop the bullies, but they disperse when Mikasa shows up. Armin explains that the reason he was targeted was because he told them that the Titans would attack. The boys believe this, but Eren decides to protect him. The two investigate the earthquake, which causes a giant Colossus Titan to erupt that is taller than the Wall.



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