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What Is Artemis Favorite Wine Tears of Themis in 2023? Helpful Guide

What Is Artemis Favorite Wine Tears of Themis?

What Is Artemis Favorite Wine Tears of Themis? This question pertains to the Summer Breeze and the Tears of Themis. Artemis, her mythical beast, and other characters are featured in the Tears of Themis film. To learn more about Artemis and her character, keep reading.

Trials of Themis

As the name suggests, Trials of Themis is a retro-style game. Your character will wear ancient garments and battle enemies, all while collecting in-game currency and essential items. There will be quizzes along the way that will test your knowledge of Greek mythology and other topics.

In Trials of Themis, you must answer multiple choice questions to earn S-Chips, Stellin, and Oracle of Justice. You will also have to answer questions that will test your knowledge of ancient Greek history. Athena, the goddess of handicraft and practical reason, is featured prominently.

Trials of Themis is a stage game with an 8-bit art style. Each stage consists of two debate stages, a rewards portion, and an NPC. The stages have similar gameplay to other debate stages. You use cards to counter your opponent’s arguments.

Characters in Tears of Themis

What Is Artemis Favorite Wine Tears of Themis?

The characters in Artemis Favorite Wine Tear of Themis include the MC, a junior lawyer at Themis Law Firm. He is Luke Pearce’s childhood friend and also a co-worker of Artem Wing and Marius von Hagen. He is also Vyn Richter’s NXX co-worker and has fair skin and yellow-green eyes. The MC’s usual attire is formal work attire, but his wardrobe is varied.

Tears of Themis also features four main male characters. They each have different personalities and are potential love interests. In this guide, we’ll tell you about each of these four potential love interests. You can also explore each character’s Personal Story to discover more about them.

The game also has riddle cells, which can earn you rewards. Each riddle cell has several possible answers. You can find the answers in our Tears of Themis guide. Whether you’re playing on your phone or on your computer, this guide will help you figure out the right answer.

All Tears OfThemis Summer Breeze Correct Solutions

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We’ve listed all the questions from Big Data Lab and answers that you should use for the Tears Of Themis Summer Breeze event part 2 riddle cells. To find the answer of a specific question you are looking for, simply do a search via CTRL + F on your keyboard or by using the “Find in page” feature on your mobile’s browser.

Artem Wing Summer Breeze questions & answers

QuestionsCorrect Answers
What does Artem do for a part-time job?Movie critic
What was Artem’s age when he became senior lawyer?28
What is Artem’s best dish?Sweet and sour fish
What is Artem’s favorite wine?He doesn’t like alcohol
Artem is the country’s youngest what?Senior attorney
What books are your favorites?Sci-fi
What type of cases does Artem deal with at NXXMissing persons cases
Who is Artem’s mentor?Neil Hume
Which sport is Artem the most fondly involved in?Gun shooting
What pocket is Artem able to keep the badge?Left chest pocket

Questions and Answers by Vyn Rich

What is Vyn’s profession?Psychiatrist
Vyn lost his glasses: he’ll need to get a new pair of…Near-sighted glasses
Vyn is a good athlete in which sport?Polo
What music does Vyn listen to?Classical music
What design style does Vyn prefer in her home’s interior?European Retro
Who is Vyn To Marius, you ask?Private tutor
Which drink is Vyn most likely to purchase for me?Black Tea
Which area is Vyn a specialist in?Criminal Psychology
Where is Vyn’s mole located?His eye is always on him

Questions and answers from Luke Pearce

Which major did Luke choose in college?Bio-engineering
Which snack will Luke most likely purchase for you?Chili Fries
What kind of cuisine is Luke’s tomato omelet?Cooking at home
How long have Luke been absent from Stellis since?8 years
What is the name of Luke’s antique shop?Time’s Antiquities
Who is Luke’s favorite novelist?Arthur Conan Doyle
What floor is Luke’s detective agency located on?2nd floor
Which college did Luke go to?National Central University

Marius von Hagen Questions and Answers

What is Marius’ seniority in the family?Second child
Which exercise is Marius preferable?Extreme sports
What is Marius studying at Stellis University?Graduate Student
Where were Marius and you first met each other?Classroom
Marius excels at which type traditional painting?Oil painting

Tears Of Themis: Questions And Answers

Who started Themis Law FirmCelestine Taylor
What is your NXX Codename?Rose
Penny’s Comfort Foods uses spring water from which of the following locations?Cloudbreak Mountain
Pedro works whereDelicart

Questions and answers concerning other Summer Breeze events

Robin Hood stole the riches.To help the poor
Who won the race between tortoise and hare?Tortoise
Who is Valentine’s day associated with?Saint Valentine of Rome
Who is the Christmas gift giver?Santa Claus
Which one is 24 solar?Hail
Which of the following are most likely to be seen at the temple fair paradeStormtroopers
Which one of these solar terms is in the summer?Summer Solstice
Which bird is the largest?Ostrich
Which of the following is part of the Big Dipper?Dubhe
Which one of these is NOT traditional classical music?Techno
Which one is NOT a traditional temple fair?Video games
Which one of these is NOT part the HoroscopesSaturn
Which of these are the most unlikely to be part of English afternoon tea?Koolaid
Which of the following are also known as red lucky seeds?Adenanthera Pavonina
These are typical snacks you might find at fairs.Popcorn
Which of these is a traditional English dessert?Figgy pudding
What fragrance is produced by the digestive system of a sperm whale?Ambergris
Which of these classics falls under the category of tragedy?Romeo and Juliet
Which of the following does NOT seem like part of the temple fair’s acrobatics performance?Relaxing
Which martyr does Valentine’s Day originally honor?Saint Valentine of Rome
Which Greek Mythology God/Goddess represents the union?Hera
What animal represents peace?A dove
Which animal is the King in Jungle?Lion
Where is Captain Hook?Peter Pan
Where can you find polar bears the most often?The North Pole
What was it about Jack and the Beanstalk’s enchanted goose that made Jack and the Beanstalk so special?It laid golden eggs
What type of cuisine is curry?Indian cuisine
How can you prevent that pricking sensation from happening?Salt water
What is the missing piece of Odin, King of Valhalla,?An eye
What kind of tree did George Washington cut down?Cherry tree
What is the type of cuisine that Steamed Tangerine Crab is?Chinese cuisine
What is the signature dish of Penny’s Comfort Foods?Soup with seafood tofu
What is the name of red-nosed reindeerRudolf
What is the origin and name of the Greek Sun God God?Helios
What is the identity and role of the Trojan War’s elder prince?Hector
What is the common type of sweets for Valentine’s Day?Chocolate
What is Selene the Goddess of?The Moon
What is the most common sight outside of ancient buildings in Greece?Pillars
What is Hercules’ most important achievement?His strength
What is Hades the King?The Underworld
What holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November?Thanksgiving
What was the Crusades form of the holy Relic?The grail
What is the Grim Reaper’s usual hand size?A scythe
How does the orbit of planets within our solar system look?The sun
What do people do on Easter?Easter eggs
What did the Gods of Olympus most often drink?Ambrosia
What did Cinderella leave behind at the prince’s ball?Glass slipper
What color is Rapunzel’s hair?Blonde
What color is Paul Bunyan’s friend Babe the Ox?Blue
Which color is jasmine the most commonly seen in?White
What can’t an abacus be used for?Barbecue
What are the names of Odin’s two wolves?Geri und Freki
What are children given for trick-or treating during Halloween?Candy
Which animal is Easter associated with?Rabbit
What eggs are used most often to make hard-boiled eggs and what types?Chicken
The famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” is generally believed to depict which season of the year?Bridge
Orchidshine Street will be hosting a Christmas party. What do you think you will most likely see?Reindeer
What is Loki the Norse God?Mischief
In Les Misérables, Jean Valjean is a…Convict
In ancient times, knights raised their visors when passing other knights.To show respect
If pork is to pig, then beef is to…Cow
How does Santa Claus get in the house?Through the chimney
It could be anything!Potassium Cyanide
What do people put into fountains when they make a wish?A coin

Artemis’ mythical beast

Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo and goddess of nature and undomesticated life. She is associated with deer and cypress, but is not a traditionally masculine goddess. She is also the patron of nature and all who protect it. She shares many attributes with her cousin Demeter, who cultivates the land. The Celts call her Rhiannon, and the Greeks call her Artemis.

Her favorite wine is Acis, the son of Faunus and Symaethis. His blood was used to create the Acis River, which flows at the foot of Mount Aetna. Artemis also used the blood of another nymph, Acteon, to raise Zeus.

Artemis is also associated with bearded mountain gods. Helicon, Athos, and Olympus are examples of such gods. She is also associated with Orion, the hunter son of Euryale and Poseidon. She accidentally shot Orion while acting on behalf of her brother, Apollo. Another example is Orpheus, the Thracian son of Calliope and Poseidon. He lost his beloved Eurydice and was dismembered by maenads. Similarly, Pallas, a Titan killed by Athena, is associated with the goddess of the underworld.

In Greek mythology, the goddesses of the sky are represented by constellations. The Trial of Themis is associated with the goddess of love and passion. Her favorite wine is called Tears of Themis.

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