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Undertake Me – What Pets Will Be in the Woodland Egg 2023? Helpful Information

Undertake Me – What Pets Will Be in the Woodland Egg?

In this guide, we will take a look at What Pets Will Be in the Woodland Egg. You’ll find a number of different animals, including a woodpecker and a frog. Many fans are already making plans on what to trade, and the value of some of these creatures may skyrocket once the new update hits the trading market.

Common pets in the woodland egg

What Pets Will Be in the Woodland Egg

While dogs and cats are the most common pets in the game, players can also keep pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, and rats. These pets also have different skills and traits. These pets can be traded with other players and used in missions, but they are not as common as their pet counterparts.

Undertake Me Woodland Egg Pets Listing

Woodland Egg set consists of 8 pets so that you can hatch. These embody 1 widespread pet, 1 unusual pet, 2 uncommon pets, 2 extremely uncommon pets, and a pair of legendary pets. These are all of the pets which you could get:

  • Bullfrog: Widespread
  • Pink Cardinal: Unusual
  • Pink Fox: Uncommon
  • Woodpecker: Uncommon
  • Pine Marten: Extremely Uncommon
  • Salamander: Extremely Uncommon
  • Fallow Deer: Legendary
  • Hawk: Legendary

How one can get Woodland Eggs on this sport.

image 511 what pets will be in the woodland egg

There are two methods to get these eggs within the sport. You will get the Woodland Eggs from the Gumball Machine on the Nursery. These eggs price 750 in-game bucks. Alternatively, you may as well commerce with different gamers to get these eggs.

You may establish a Woodland egg by its inexperienced tint. It has a mushroom sprouting from its prime, and it rests on a nest manufactured from leaves and twigs. This egg additionally has a couple of spots on it.

Rarest pet in the woodland egg

You can obtain the Rarest pet in the woodland egg by laying a woodland egg. You can also find this pet in the Nursery. Another rare pet in this location is the Red Cardinal. You can see animations of these pets in the Adopt Me’s tweet about the woodland egg. You will be able to adopt one of these pets after the egg has been laid. The chances of getting these pets will depend on when you play the game.

The Rarest pet in the woodland egg is one of the most expensive pets in the game. It costs 1,000 Robux. However, you can still buy it from a store. This pet has unique tricks. One of these tricks is called Shadow Breath. It has glowing back spines and visibly enhanced breath. Another rare animal that you can obtain in the game is the Monkey King. This pet is red in color with a feathered crown and a staff for a tail. It can perform exclusive tricks like spinning its staff.

This rare animal is a limited legendary pet. It was only available in the game during the Christmas Event in 2019. It could be acquired by purchasing a Golden Gift that costs 4,300 gingerbread. It only spawned at a 30% chance. However, you can buy a Christmas Egg for a higher cost. You can also trade for an Arctic Reindeer. The only downside is that it does not have wings, but it can float through the air.

The Rarest pet in the woodland egg is a legendary animal that only hatches in rare instances. It is the only legendary pet that you can get from this egg. The only other rare egg is the Farm Egg, which is only available through trading. This egg is also one of the most expensive in the game. This one costs $750 to obtain. This egg is only available to those who can pay a high price for it.

The Woodland Egg will be available worldwide on March 17th, 2022. The event will begin on that date, but the release date may vary depending on where you are. The update will be released simultaneously around the world, so make sure to check your game’s official Twitter page for updates.

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