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Where is the Ramp Buggy Stored in GTA? Tips to Find and Customize

Where is the Ramp Buggy Stored in GTA V?

Yo, wassup hommies! Welcome back to, where we spill the beans on all the dirty tricks and cheats in Grand Theft Auto V. Today, we’re gonna answer the age-old question: Where is the Ramp Buggy stored in GTA V?

Where Does the Ramp Buggy Go?

For those who don’t know, Ramp Buggy is one of the most notorious vehicles in GTA V, thanks to its unique ability to send any other car flying through the air with a single hit. But to get your hands on this bad boy, you first need to know where it’s hiding.

So, where is Ramp Buggy, you ask? Well, the short answer is: It’s stored in your underground garage. If you’ve already bought the Ramp Buggy from Warstock Cache & Carry, it should be waiting for you in your garage. But if you haven’t bought it yet, you can purchase it from the online store and it will be delivered straight to your garage.

Where to Customize Ramp Buggy?

Once you have your Ramp Buggy, you can take it to any of the default garages or mod shops in the game to customize it. But if you want to unlock all the customization options, you’ll need to complete the Special Vehicle Work mission – Escape Escort. Once you’ve completed this mission, you’ll be able to upgrade your Ramp Buggy with all the coolest mods and features.

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How to Get Ramp Buggy

If you haven’t bought the Ramp Buggy yet, you can purchase it from the Warstock Cache & Carry website for a hefty price. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can always use one of the many cheats available online to spawn a Ramp Buggy in your game. Just fire up your phone, dial in the cheat code, and watch as your Ramp Buggy materializes out of thin air.

So, there you have it, folks – everything you need to know about where to find, store, and customize your Ramp Buggy in GTA V. Whether you’re a seasoned cheater or a first-time player, remember to always stay safe, have fun, and never get caught by the cops!

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