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Willy Stardew Valley Guide 2022 Heart Events & Likes

Stardew Valley Guide 2022 – How to Find Willy

If you’re planning a trip to the fictional Stardew Valley, you might be wondering how to find Willy. The shopkeeper in the game is also known as Willy, and you can meet him at the Stardrop Saloon on Saturdays. His birthday falls on summer 24, and gifts given to him on his birthday increase your friendship by 8x! While it can be tricky to find the perfect gift for him, pumpkins and mead are always welcome.

Willy Stardew Valley

Willy is a wholesome fisherman in Stardew Valley. He owns a fish shop in Pelican Town and offers useful fishing supplies to players. He likes unusual aquatic species and is willing to teach you how to reel in a big catch. Gaining friendship hearts with Willy will trigger events that will give you useful items. He also has a birthday on every Summer 24, so make sure to offer him a gift.

Giving gifts to Willy will earn you friendship points. There are several gifts that Willy enjoys receiving, including diamonds, iridium bars, mead, and pumpkins. You can also give him a loved gift to earn eight friendship points. Giving Willy a loved gift will increase your friendship level by eight times. Giving a loved one a gift is one of the best ways to earn friendship points with Willy.

His secret door

The new update, patch 1.5, has a big secret for players to find: His secret door! Once you unlock it, you’ll be able to explore a mysterious new jungle map, complete unique puzzles, and even farm a spot! If you haven’t already discovered Willy’s secret door yet, keep reading for more information. This guide is written to help you unlock this exciting new feature in the game.

The first secret door to unlock in Willy’s house is the new one on the back of the fish shop! It’s actually located behind Willy’s back! But be sure to wait two days before attempting to unlock it. After doing so, you’ll receive a letter from Willy. He’ll also mail you a letter after completing the introductions quest.

image 174 willy stardew valley

His birthday

If you’re looking for a gift for a Stardew Valley friend, consider buying him a birthday present! Willy is a kind-hearted fisherman who lives south of Pelican Town. You can find him fishing before work, or even on his birthday! To make him happy, you can buy him diamonds, iridium bars, or pumpkins. Remember that his birthday is on September 24, so gifts that are more than one-fourth of his age will have an eight-fold effect.

When attempting to earn more friends, it is important to know the difference between liked and disliked gifts. Liked gifts will increase a friend’s friendship by 45 points, while Disliked gifts will reduce it by half. However, a birthday gift from Willy will give you 80 points. If you don’t have any friends yet, you can still give them gifts to boost your friendship!

Willy Stardew Valley >>

Willy Stardew Valley

Willy is an In-Game Village Character who lives in Stardew Valley. He is the village fisherman, and he sells fishes in his shop. He is often found fishing after Willy. He is a villager, who grew up between Fern Islands, and now lives on South Pelican Town’s Beach.

His shop sells fishing and baits products. His shop is open daily, but will close on Saturdays if it is too cold for fishing.

Below we mention all about the friendly fisherman’s interests and heart events, so you, too, can earn his in-game companionship. Through a letter that Willy actually sends you, you are connected to him and invited to meet on the in-game beaches, where he will offer you his best fishing rod.

This gentleman is not available for marriage. However, you can make friends with him and gain some helpful in-game tips.

About Willy’s Heart Events >>

Here are all Willy’s heart events that you need to know.

Three Hearts >>

If you have 3 hearts and Willy, you’ll receive an in-game mail with a delicious chowder recipe

Five Hearts >>

Once you have reached 5 hearts with Willy you will receive an amazing recipe to make escargot in-game mail.

Six Hearts >>

Between 06:00 – 17:10 go to the beach

Seven Hearts >>

Willy will send his fish stew recipe to you in game mail once you have reached 7 hearts.

Nine Hearts >>

When you get to 9 hearts, you will get an ultimate final recipe in the game mail from Willy – for lobster bisque.

About Willy’s Love In The Game >>

  • Sturgeon
  • Pumpkin
  • Sea cucumber
  • Diamond
  • Octopus
  • Catfish
  • Iridium bars
  • Mead

About Willy’s Likes In The Game >>

If you do not have any of Willy’s loved handy items, these are the next good gifts for him listed below.

  • All universal likes, with the exception of the fish dishes that he is not fond of, but for all cooking and the life elixir and the fish dishes that he really likes.
  • Crab cakes
  • Quartz
  • Fried eel
  • Seafoam pudding
  • Fried calamari
  • Lobster bisque
  • Trout soup
  • Salmon dinner
  • Baked fish
  • Lingcod
  • Fish stew
  • Bar of gold
  • Fish taco
  • Carp surprise
  • Tiger trout
  • Crispy bass
  • Chowder

About Willy Neutral In The Game >>

These items and gifts are not something Willy feels strongly about.

  1. All fish, except octopus and sea cucumber, catfish, carp, carp, lingcods, snails, tiger trout and sturgeon
  2. All eggs (except void egg)
  3. All fruits (except salmonberry, fruit tree)
  4. Maki roll
  5. All milk
  6. Sashimi
  7. All universal neutrals
  8. Dish o’ the sea

About Willy’s Dislikes >>

Willy would not be interested in any of these items.

  • Magma cap
  • Chanterelle
  • Ginger
  • Common mushroom
  • Leek
  • Winter root
  • Purple mushroom
  • Daffodil
  • Life elixir
  • Snow yam
  • Hazelnut
  • Wild horseradish
  • Morel
  • Holly
  • Dandelion
  • Salmonberry
  • All universal dislikes except iron bar, fish and gold bar
  • Except bread and those dishes he is passionate about and neutral about, all cooking

About Willy’s Hate >>

You should not give Willy gifts unless you are in his bad books.

  • All the In-Game Universal Hates

Quests >>

On the in-game Help Wanted board outside Pierre’s, Willy may ask for a specific item or challenge villagers to catch some specific fishes. Talking to Willy and completing these tasks will earn the gamer gold, depending on which in-game item they are looking for, and approximately 150 friendship points.

Twice the gamer will be notified by Willy with a task to catch a particular fish.

A Squid Catch –Willy challenges you to catch the wriggly cephalopod during Winter two. Although it is difficult, you will be rewarded with a gold medal and one friendship heart for your efforts.

A Lingcod Catch –Willy faces a much more difficult task in the Winter 13 Years 2. If they can snag the requested lingcod, they will get more gold and friendship hearts.

Friendship Perks >>

It turns out Willy’s an excellent cook, ready to make something nice with every fish he pulls out of the in-game sea. Willy provides a complete 4. They all feature fishing enthusiasts, which is fitting.

  • Chowder – Sent at 3 hearts. This dish can be used to restore 225 energy, 101 health, or as a bonus for fishing enthusiasts.
  • Escargot – Sent at 5 hearts. Energy and Health are equal to Chowder. The fishing buff is plus 2.
  • Fish Stew – Sent at 7 hearts. This recipe is the same as the previous, but it buffs fishing by three.
  • Lobster Bisque – Sent at 9 hearts. This item provides the same energy and health benefits as the others, plus three fishing and plus thirty extra energy. It’s great for all-day fishing in-game!

FAQ >>

These are some frequently asked questions about the Willy Stardew valley

Q. Q.

Willy is the local fisherman, located at the south Pelican Town beach.

Q. Q.

Willy is a huge fan of the Iridium bars, Meads, Octopuses, Catfish and Diamond, Sea cucumbers, and Sturgeon.

Q. Q.

Willy hates all universal hates in-game.

Conclusion >>

We hope that you enjoy this Willy Stardew valley guide. This post covers all details about Stardew Valley Willy, his heart events and likes and dislikes.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback. Stardew ValleyWilly gifts, then comment on us. We love to answer your questions.

His help wanted board

There are two main ways to earn gold in His help wanted board, by helping other villagers or catching specific fish. If you successfully complete an objective, you’ll be rewarded with gold and 150 friendship points. If you’re having trouble completing one of his requests, you can also post a request on his help wanted board outside Pierre’s General Store. If you’re successful, you’ll get 150 Friendship points and three times the amount of gold normally received.

There are various types of quests that can be completed by helping Willy. He might ask for 100 pieces of Bug Meat, a recipe for Quality Bobber, or a certain fish during a season. The reward for each of these tasks is three times the base value of the fish, plus 150 Friendship points. Getting a reward from Willy is not always easy, but it’s possible to make a successful attempt if you’re prepared to work hard for it.

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