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How To Get Wolfhook Location In Genshin Impact 2023? Helpful Guide

How To Get Wolfhook In Genshin Impact

Getting the Wolfhook Location is one of the most rewarding aspects of Genshin Impact. It is useful for leveling your character and also for ascension. In this article we will show you how to get this rare item. This article also covers Chloris, Razor, and Red Wolfhooks.


If you’re playing Genshin Impact on PlayStation 4, you might be wondering how to get Wolfhook. This purple plant grows on the ground and can be harvested when you’re in a certain area. This resource is vital to the ascension of certain characters, and will allow you to climb higher in the game. In the Wolvendom, you can find Wolfhooks near bushes and woodland trails.

The best place to find this rare plant is to go to the northern part of Mondstadt, where the Wolven people live. It’s not too hard to farm for Wolfhook, and you can also find them near enemy camps. However, you can also find them around your map.

Once you have some Wolvendom, you can go to Wolfhook to upgrade Razor. You can go to the area by clearing enemy camps. In this area, look for purple flowers.


Wolfhook Location

If you’re looking for a powerful weapon, the Wolfhook is a great choice. This item can be obtained in the wild, or from a merchant in Genshin Impact. Purchasing a Wolfhook from a merchant will cost you 1000 Mora. You can also purchase other items, such as Philanemo Mushroom and Valberry, from Chloris.

A Wolfhook is a small, purple plant found on the ground that can be used to strengthen your character. This weapon is the key to ascending your character. You can find a Wolfhook in many places throughout the game, and it will be extremely useful as you continue to level up.

To get a Wolfhook, you’ll need to find the Wolvendom area near Mondstadt. This area is quite dense with foliage, so it can be difficult to find. You can also look for the Pyro statues, which are found in this area.


One of the most important items in Genshin Impact is the Wolfhook Razor. This weapon will give you the ability to upgrade certain characters. You need this weapon to upgrade your characters’ abilities, including Razor, the powerful party member. You can also use this weapon to perform Ascension and fight Lupus Boreas, a difficult boss with great rewards.

Currently, Wolfhook is only used to Ascend the Electro character Razor, but it may receive additional uses in future updates. Razor can only Ascend if he has Wolfhook, so you will need at least 160 of them. However, this number can be different for different characters.

You can get a limited amount of Wolfhook when you speak with Chloris near Windrise. Once you have a certain number, you can sell it to her again. It’s important to stock up on Wolfhook as soon as you get a chance. The best time to do this is after you reach level 20 or 40. This will ensure you have enough Wolfhook to upgrade your character to Razor.

Genshin Affect Wolfhook Areas: Find out how to Discover

image 433 wolfhook location

There are 3 ways to acquire Wolfhook in Genshin Affect. Two of them contain exploration and one requires a purchase order. Let’s have a look at all of them in a bit element.


You could go to Wolvendom and head thus far on the map. You’ll encounter some enemies in your approach so make sure that to beat all of them.

Ensure that to discover the encompassing areas and search for bushes with a shine on them – Wolfhook in Genshin Affect are hidden fairly effectively. As soon as you notice it, merely press the button on the immediate to gather it.

Aside from this, there’s a likelihood to seek out it within the wild too.

The place to Purchase Wolfhook in Genshin Affect?

As a way to buy Wolfhook in Genshin Affect, you want to meet Chloris, a service provider. Shopping for it from Chloris will save your time and efforts.

The place is Chloris?

Comply with the trail begin from Mondstadt and are available to the situation proven under. That is the place you’ll find Chloris and buy Wolfhooks for 1000 Mora. It’s also possible to get Valberry and Philanemo Mushroom from her.

Red Wolfhooks

In Genshin Impact, Red Wolfhooks can be obtained by playing Barbara’s Hangout event. In this event, you have to collect five Red Wolfhooks to complete the quest. Red Wolfhooks can be found in the same areas as other berries and are located in a hollow log. You can find this special weapon in Barbara’s Hangout event by convincing Alfred to help you in your quest.

In the east of the map, you will find a large hollow log. Once you get inside, you will find two Red Wolfhooks. In the northeast, there is another wood stump. It is very difficult to spot but will give you a third plant. In the dead center, you will find a hollow log where the last two Red Wolfhooks can be found.

You can also find Barbara in Wolvendom. She is located near a leafless tree, east of the Wolf King’s arena. Talk to her and she’ll tell you that someone has been calling her for a while, and you must come back to collect the Red Wolfhooks. You can also talk to Albert, a member of the “Barbara Fan Club.”

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