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Woods Map Tarkov 2023 Helpful Guide – Extraction Points, Keys, Boss Locations

Escape From Tarkov 2022 Woods Map Guide

The Woods Map Tarkov 2022 Guide is a good one for experienced players, but it is not an ideal choice for beginners. It has fewer loots than other maps, and it requires a lot of combat to get supplies. It is, however, the perfect map for snipers and long-range combat. The map has many hidden spots that make it the ideal place for snipers to take out targets. If you know how to use these spots, you can be an expert player in no time.


Woods Map Tarkov 2022 Guide

If you’re a new player, it’s important to know the best ways to complete the Escape from Tarkov 2022 Woods Map. This massive forested area is a challenging place for new players to find their way around. With mountains and rocky cliffs, you’ll need to be able to use long-range combat to survive. The map also features many spawn locations and plenty of foliage.

In the woods, you’ll find enemies eager to fire their weapons. Most of the scavenging action takes place in the area surrounding an enormous lake and a sawmill. On the hill northeast of the lake, you’ll find the sniper.

Shore Sniper Rock

The ETF Woods map is a medium-sized third map that is filled with interesting features. Located in the northern part of the game, it features a huge lake, a nuclear power plant, and large hills in the middle. The map also contains a Thermal Scope, which allows you to shoot enemies through soft cover.

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The industrial area of the map is the best place to scout for snipers. Several loot containers are located here. Additionally, you can find a camp with a lootable medbag outside. This is a great place to get a brand new sniper rifle!

While the map of the Woods is large, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any challenges. There are plenty of enemies and scavengers to be had. However, the scavenging action is mostly concentrated in a few locations, including a large lake in the south. You can also watch out for a sniper on the hill near the sawmill.

Cliff Descent Extract

The Cliff Descent Extract is an area in the East section of the Woods map. It is located east of the lumber yard on the south exterior wall. The area is surrounded by large walls. To escape from this location, you must first locate a red gate. Inside the gate is an SUV that you can rent for three thousand roubles. This vehicle is very handy as it can transport up to four PMCs out of the area. Once you use it, make sure to lock it.

To access this extraction point, you must be equipped with a Red Rebel Ice pick, a paracord, and a no armor vest. This extraction point is located at the same location as the loot and scav extraction points, so it is best to scout the area first.

Escape From Tarkov Woods Map Information 2022

image 193 woods map tarkov 2022

There are a complete of 16 extraction factors within the Escape From Tarkov Woods Map, all are positioned on the perimeters of your complete map. Regardless of you run in North-South, East, or West there might be one extraction level. However following the fitting route issues quite a bit. The primary picture under is your complete map, simply take a look on the varied panorama and water our bodies.

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It’s a large place to recollect, however right here is the checklist of all Woods Map Extraction level. And with this, I’m sharing an in depth picture. With over 16 extraction factors you’ll be able to plan your exit primarily based on the closest doable level.

The North West area of Woods map has 4 extraction level. They’re Rauf Roadblock, Manufacturing unit Gate, UN Roadblock, and Outdated Station. All are connected to the roads however are distant away from one another.

South West of Woods Map has further 4 extraction factors. They’re ZB-016, West Border, Cliff Descent, and South V-Ex. You have to to make use of the map a number of occasions to find the Extraction factors as they don’t even have any nice landmarks round.

Following the roads, to the East finish, you’ll discover East Gate and an extra above ZB-014. With two extraction factors, the South East and East area of Escape from Tarkov Woods can flip into a troublesome place to outlive.

The Westside of Woods Map is the perfect zone to be, it has 5 extraction factors. They’re The Boat, Useless Mans Place, Outskirts Water, Outskirts, and Scav Home. If you’re on this zone there’s much less to fret concerning the extraction half.

Escape from Tarkov Woods 2022 Map Sniper & Areas:

The sniper is close to the Cliff Descent, whereas the boss within the heart space. The situation of the boss will not be actually a distant one. However the issue is after killing him you’ll be able to both select to with South V-Ex extraction level or Cliff Descent. Each can have sniper issues. That is random so it’s a must to take warning whereas shifting. The map is huge with huge lands, grasses, and deserted homes round. You may unlock SVDS 7.62×54 Sniper Rifle in loots, you will discover an auto rifle and loads of different issues.

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There may be yet one more finest strategy to study extra concerning the Escape from Tarkov Woods Map, and that’s by way of MapGenie. All of the Woods Maps screenshot above is courtesy of So go to the positioning and there on the left you’ll be able to see a menu with varied choices. For instance, you wish to know the spawn location of Weapon Field or Free Loot. Click on on conceal all first after which click on on the choices to view them on the map.

Tarkov boss

If you are planning to take on the next challenge in Escape from Tarkov 2022, you should know all about the game’s new map – the Woods. This forested map is one of the largest that you’ll encounter during the game. It’s large enough to accommodate up to 12 players, and it features plenty of foliage and long sightlines. Here’s how to survive this map and be successful at the challenge.

First, know that the map contains 16 Extraction Points that can help you escape with your loot. Some of these are available at random, while others require you to meet certain requirements before unlocking them.

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