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World of Warcraft Movie Review

A World of Warcraft Movie might be a great way for this popular MMORPG on the big screen. We’ll discuss the storyline, budget, and CGI for this movie adaptation. We hope this discussion will lead to the next movie based on World of Warcraft. We’ll be content with the current WoW world for now. These images are from the MMORPG, so enjoy them while you wait!

Adaptation of MMORPG

Two years ago, World of Warcraft’s movie was in production hell. Variety has just reported that Sam Raimi has decided to leave the project. Fans hoped that he would direct the movie adaptation of the MMORPG. It has over 12 million registered players. The project is far from complete despite his confirmation. Fans want more.

Initially, several studios considered the World Of Warcraft Movie version of MMTORPG. But the studio didn’t sign up for it. Based on the videogame, the original movie starred a teenager who was drawn in by the storyline. The plot was about the king Azeroth defeating the orc army. There was no balanced portrayal of either side. This time, however, a new director was hired.


The World of Warcraft movie budget isn’t yet available. However, the film is expected make around $160million, which is almost twice the amount of the original. Legendary, the game’s owner, contributed a quarter of its total budget. It also has cofinancing partners. Legendary and Disney contributed about 45 percent to the budget while three Chinese ventures provided the remainder. Internet giant Tencent and China Film Group are the three Chinese investors. Taiwan’s Taihe has a minimal stake.

The film earned $433million worldwide, despite the high cost. This is more than double the $160 million that it cost to produce. To break even, considering marketing costs, the film would need a budget of at most $450 million. However, this film is expected to be relevant for decades to follow. It didn’t do as well as the original but it still managed to be successful in overseas territories, particularly China.


World Of Warcraft Movie

World of Warcraft’s story is complex and difficult to adapt into a film. The film lacks the emotional depth and emotional support needed to achieve its ambitious goals. Although the game is addicting, it is hard to connect with the characters and the movie’s script. For the story to be fully realized, it will require more realistic settings and better acting.

If the director chooses to keep the current plot structure, it is difficult to predict how the story will unfold. Duncan Jones confirmed that a third movie would be made but did not say if he would direct it. He had hoped to establish the entire Warcraft universe in three films and hand the baton to another who would continue the tales.


The World Of Warcraft Movie is based on real sets and characters, using cutting-edge CGI. The film explores the origins and how Gul’dan, an orc shaman, enters Azeroth’s human world through a portal. The Horde builds an army and begins a campaign for new lands. Human King Llane, Anduin Lothar, and Mediyh led the human army to defend the realm.

Fans and critics didn’t give the film much chance to succeed. Already high expectations and the cost of a full-CG movie was expected. This wasn’t the first full-CG videogame movie. These movies are often disappointing and uninteresting. However, Warcraft could have been made with full-CG effects. It would be a complete waste of money and time.

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