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WoW Classic Server Populations 2023 Helpful Information

WoW Classic Server Population – How Many Players Are Playing Pagle on WOW Classic?

The WoW Classic server population is updated every few months. You can find the latest numbers by consulting the table below. These figures only apply to the US and EU servers. You can also consult the official manual about the population of WoW Classic servers. Those figures are current for 2022. However, they are subject to change.

WoW Classic Server Population – Firemaw

WoW Classic Server Populations

As a Firemaw classic server owner, you’re probably wondering what has happened to the server’s population. Well, Blizzard was so kind as to allow the refugees to move to other realms, and as a result, they orchestrated one of the biggest migrations of Horde players in WoW Classic history. Now, the Firemaw classic server has ninety-three percent Alliance players and only six percent Horde players. It’s been an absolute long time since Firemaw servers had been known for being so populated, but the situation is now more balanced.

Players in Firemaw aren’t happy about this sudden change in their server. The players are unable to create characters anymore. Thankfully, Blizzard is working on the problem. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before the servers are back to the normal population size.


If you’re wondering how many players are playing Pagle on WOW classic, you’re not alone! There are several different reasons that players prefer this server, including its community, a variety of classes, and the fact that it’s free! Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do about the situation! Here are some ways to find out how many players are playing Pagle on WOW classic.

First, look at the population of each realm. Then, take note of the balance between alliance and horde players. Some regions, such as Pagle, are heavily Alliance-favored. Others, like Atiesh, are extremely Alliance-friendly, while others have a higher population split.

Second, think about the server size. It’s important to note that a large server is generally better than a small one. However, both have their pros and cons. You can use this data to decide which one is best for you. You can also check out the population of WoW Classic servers to make your decision easier.

WoW Classic Server Populations 2022

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WoW Classic Server Population – Europe & United States of America (USA)

AmnennarEU French1,1571,6182,775
AnathemaUS West000
Arcanite ReaperUS West000
ArugalUS Oceanic2,1104,5196,629
AshkandiUS East1,2401,7793,039
AtieshUS West4,8641,2666,130
AuberdineEU French3,3932,1365,529
AzuresongUS West9246491,573
BenedictionUS East19,3191,49320,812
BigglesworthUS West1201,7811,901
BlaumeuxUS West000
BloodfangEU English000
Bloodsail BuccaneersUS East9982131,211
CelebrasEU German47047
Deviate DelightUS East000
Dragon’s CallEU German5441,6452,189
DreadmistEU English000
EarthfuryUS East182,6102,628
EarthshakerEU English3,775133,788
EverlookEU German4,8141,7266,540
FaerlinaUS East22312,95613,179
FairbanksUS West82,7242,732
FelstrikerUS Oceanic000
FinkleEU French6331,1311,764
FiremawEU English11,58910,30821,897
FlamelashEU English000
GandlingEU English000
GehennasEU English1,80412,79314,597
GolemaggEU English2,1863,8386,024
GrobbulusUS West6,0623,5339,595
HeartseekerUS East000
HeartstrikerEU German000
HerodUS East72,8722,879
Hydraxian WaterlordsEU English000
IncendiusUS East000
JudgmentEU English000
KirtonosUS East000
KromcrushUS East505
KurinnaxUS West000
LakeshireEU German2,2851,4263,711
LoathebUS Latin05353
LucifronEU German02,1632,163
MankrikUS West1467,9018,047
Mirage RacewayEU English3,5031,9595,462
MograineEU English2683,8674,135
MyzraelUS West1,3139182,231
Nethergarde KeepEU English2,4491,3033,752
NetherwindUS East508326834
NoggenfoggerEU English1782783
Old BlanchyUS East7848091,593
PagleUS West7,84807,848
PatchwerkEU German5282,0422,624
Pyrewood VillageEU English5,1651,6816,846
RattlegoreUS West000
RazorfenEU German2,2862,5644,850
RazorgoreEU English422,6142,656
RemulosUS Oceanic1,7937582,551
ShazzrahEU English71,1191,126
SkeramUS East000
SkullflameEU English000
SmolderwebUS West000
StalaggUS East000
StonespineEU English000
SulfurasUS East123,7643,778
SulfuronEU French1,7983,2765,074
Sul’thrazeUS Brazil000
Ten StormsEU English000
ThalnosUS East000
ThunderfuryUS West2911,4441,735
TranscendenceEU German9272,0002,927
VenoxisEU German4,4364,7939,229
WestfallUS East4,14704,147
WhitemaneUS West3,65411,35115,005
WindseekerUS East1,4071,4202,827
YojambaUS Oceanic1,6062,7184,324
Zandalar TribeEU English1,2233921,615


The population of WoW Classic servers is increasing in numbers due to the recent release of the Burning Crusade expansion. With this expansion, many newbies are forced to join the Classic realm, increasing the population of the Classic server. Before starting the game, it is important to choose the right server for you. If you select a wrong one, you will be unable to change it.

If you play Remulos and join a US-based group, you will hit serious lag while raiding. To get around this, try finding an Australian guild and puggers. However, you will have to pay for splits, and GDKP will not work.

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