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WOW Mobile in Canada

WOW Mobile Canada

Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp. have announced plans to open Wow Mobile retail shops in Canada. This venture will sell Rogers’ and Telus’ wireless plans. It will also compete against The Source, a mall-based Wireless Wave chain, and BCE Inc.’s Bell Mobility chain, The Source. Wow! It was registered to the business. In September, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office filed the trademark Mobile Boutique. The retailer plans to open more than 100 kiosks within enclosed malls across Canada, where foot traffic is high. Both companies will be able to benefit from the expansion of their distribution channels.

WoW mobile

The World of Warcraft Mobile Game will change everything we thought we knew about the popular game. Already, World of Warcraft’s mobile launch is a hot topic in the gaming industry. Blizzard has shown that it is capable of making mobile-friendly Hearthstone or Diablo Immortal. They have the resources and expertise to make it possible.

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No Contract Plans

WOW! Internet, Cable & Phone, a leading provider of broadband services, has partnered with no-contract cell phone provider Reach Mobile to offer additional choices and flexibility to their customers. Reach Mobile offers unlimited text and talk on all no-contract mobile phone plans. Reach Mobile is an excellent choice for high speed Internet users as it offers unlimited text and talk. WOW! The monthly cost of the plan is $19 plus taxes. All plans include unlimited talk and text for up to three lines.

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Unlimited Talk and Text

WOW Broadband now offers mobile services as part of its broadband bundle. Reach Mobile is the power behind this service that relies on T-Mobile’s network. WOW plans to expand its fiber-to-the-premises network to 200,000 homes by 2027 and potentially 400,000 locations. It also provides a cloud-based platform with modules for billing and policy administration, security and data plan management, and more. You can also purchase standalone mobile plans.


WOW! Customers who sign up for internet service can receive $400 in promotional discounts. Customers can sign up for one year of internet service free and get a $300 Visa Prepaid card. All plans are available and require no contract. These plans are great for people on a tight budget. Also, WOW! WOW! No contract is required to get high-speed Internet. You can surf unlimitedly, download fast, and many other things.

Plans to increase fiber access to the premises network

WOW! plans to expand its fiber-to-the-premises network in order to serve more customers. This expansion is part a company’s Greenfield initiative which aims at expanding its presence in diverse communities. WOW! It will increase its presence in South Carolina and Florida. WOW! Seminole now boasts more than 60.000 members. WOW’s network will be 21% larger with this expansion.

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