WoW New Expansion – Dragonflight

WoW New Expansion

The new expansion for World of Warcraft brings new zones to explore. The first zone is the Waking Shores, the primordial home of the black dragonflight. This region is on the brink of extinction. In this zone, players can join archaeological factions to explore the landscape and meet interesting characters. Some of the key figures in this zone are the queen of red flight, Wrathion, and half-giant Djaradin, who uses volcanic processes to destroy local ecosystems. There are also ducks to see, so that’s another plus.


World of Warcraft is getting an exciting new expansion in Dragonflight, and the team behind the new content hasn’t waited long to make it official. The expansion is a massive overhaul of the profession system, and it brings back popular old characters from the game’s history. As with any expansion, though, there will be some changes, but the biggest changes to the game will come from the Dragonflight update.

Dracthyr expansion

As a player, you’ll soon have the chance to join a mail-wearing race, the Dracthyr. Dracthyr are the first of their kind and possess the unique ability to shift between human and draconic form. This new class is an Evoker. It features a healer spec, hold buttons to charge spells, and a new starter zone.

Valdrakken expansion

The Valdrakken expansion in WoW New Expansion will feature crafting tables in the new city hub. These are useful tools for crafters to find new gear, or to use for personal purposes. Players will be able to switch between human and dragon form, as well as from one form to another. This new gear won’t take up backpack space and will have special stats. This expansion will include several new features and improvements for WoW players.

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WoW New Expansion

Dragon Isles

The Dragon Isles in Wow New Expansion is set in a fantasy world that’s heavily themed around dragonflights. It’s hard to draw any real-world geography for this game, but it does have a strong connection with the game’s mythology. The five new zones will feature dragon themes, with the main goal being to regain the power of the dragons. Similar to Suramar in Legion, the Dragon Isles will feature a central character named Wrathion, and it will be the location of Deathwing’s Corruption.


If you’re looking for a new challenge in World of Warcraft, you might consider tackling Chromatus, the five-headed dragon from the WoW novel series. The monstrosity possesses all the powers of the dragonflights, and is even stronger than three dragon aspects combined. In the story, Chromatus fought with the three dragon aspects of Alexstrasza, Ysera, and Nozdormu. As such, the dragon was virtually indestructible, and only the allied dragonflights managed to subdue it. It was then sealed away in an arcane prison, but now the mysterious Dark Lord of Murazond may be looking to free this monster.


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