Wow Patch Notes

Wow Patch Notes – World of Warcraft Patch 6.1

The latest Wow Patch Notes contains the most recent news and updates. You will find some fantastic additions in the next expansion. This article will discuss the changes in healing spells, emotes and accessibility. We’ll also cover the most significant changes to the game. Continue reading to learn more about this expansion.

Modifications to healing spells

Absorption effects have decreased by 25%, while player-cast healing effects were increased by 50%. Another change is in the healing percentages, compared to maximum physical health. Mega Heal, for example, now heals for 21% of the target’s maximum healing percentage, up from 50%. These changes together result in an overall improvement in healing, over all heals. The changes aren’t all good news for healers.

These changes were not made to reduce healing effectiveness, but to increase the variety and interest in the game of healers. The ability to cast healing spells will be modified, but the survival rate of healers will be improved by the addition of racial traits. The effectiveness of healing spells will be greater than before, especially when they’re used more frequently. These changes will increase survivability in PvP, as each attack will take a smaller amount from a healer’s health pool.

Changes to emotes

Some of the crude emotes used in World of Warcraft have been criticized by Blizzard. It has been made clear in the latest public testing realm that emotes such drool or pounce won’t work on any other players. Blizzard has made several gender-neutral emotes available, including those that can be directed at other players.

Changes to the accessibility menu

Wow Patch Notes

The new patch 6.1 will not only improve accessibility but also provide support for colorblind gamers. Players can switch between Movepad, UI Colorblind Mode and Gamepad support from a new accessibility menu. These options will make it easier for gamers with vision impairments to enjoy the game. UI Colorblind Mode makes it easier to read text and information in the game’s interface for visually impaired users. You can also view and alter the colors of blue and purple gears by hovering over them.

In recent years, the Accessibility menu has seen significant changes. Blizzard has added support for WoW 2020 in the form of speech-to text transcription and text chat narration. The accessibility menu has also been updated with multiple chat tabs, account-wide text to speech settings, and several chat tabs. In patch 9.2.5, the game will add cross-faction support. The next expansion of popular MMO WoW will include even more accessibility improvements.

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