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Destiny 2 Stores – The Xur Inventory

Destiny 2 allows players the ability to use their Xur Inventory for exotic equipment and other items. This store stocks some of the most impressive armor and weapons. Xur also offers the Fated Engram which can be used for random Exotic items. The coveted Felwinter’s Helm and Nezarec’s Sin can be purchased as well.

Xur Armamentarium Chest Piece

You can purchase the Xur Armamentarium Chestpiece, a rare Titan chest piece. This chest piece is available by decrypting engrams, or for 13 Strange Coins purchased from Xur. It is stronger and can absorb more damage. This chest item can be used for tanking and clearing out crowds. It is well worth the high price.

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Felwinter’s Helm

Felwinter’s Helm, an Exotic Warlock Weapon, grants a 15-second aoe weakening. You can equip a finisher to increase the debuff’s radius or duration. The Felwinter’s Helm, while a solid Exotic item, pales in comparison with its counterpart, Felwinter’s Lie. This Warlock item has situational abilities and can be used against hordes.

Nezarec’s Sin

When Nezarec decides to sell his Exotic Items, you can purchase Nezarec’s Sin from Xur. It is a God-rolled exoteric that has 69 stats spread over two great spots. If you play Void, it’s worth purchasing as the Xur’s Sin will increase the speed your Void abilities. It’s worth looking into if your goal is to obtain a Void weapon. You never know where Void Energy or Power weapons might turn up.

Agent of Nine

Agent of Nine sells Exotic Gear, Weapons and other items to Destiny. He is located in Nessus’s Grave. He is available Monday to Sunday from 9AM GMT. You can find him selling Exotic armor and weapons as well as great ornaments for your characters. Xur will not only be able to sell Exotic equipment but will also give Strange Coins to purchase rare or unusual items that were never seen before.

Weekly respawn

There are three methods to obtain the Weekly respawn at Xur. First, travel north from EDZ Transmat. You can find Xur by looking for a cave within a wall near Fallen dropship. You can also find Xur in the underground, but you’ll need to wait for it to be fully restocked before using it.


Destiny 2 has now fixed Xur’s inventory. You can now buy legendary armor and useful Exotics. The Exotics in Xur’s inventory can be sold to other players. Xur can be found at Winding Cove on the EDZ. He can be found on the branch just north of the fast travel point. At least once a week, you should visit him. Tuesday at 10 AM ET is the weekly reset.

Legendary Shards

You’ll find Xur on Fridays. He is a mysterious agent from a Destiny 2 Planet. You will be provided with four pieces, one weapon, one armour and one weapon for your classes. In addition, you will receive 30 Legendary Shards that can be used at the Tower Gunsmith to earn reputation bonuses. Even if you only play the game once per day, this is possible. If you are able to hunt legendaries, they will be plentiful.

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