Zenith Terraria Guide 2022 – Easy Way To Get Zenith Sword?

Zenith Terraria Guide 2022 – Easy Way To Get Zenith Sword?

Terraria Zenith Guide – How to Get the Zenith Sword in Terraria

Getting the Zenith Terraria Sword in Terraria can be a challenge. While there are several tips and tricks that you can use to help you get it, the hardest part is knowing where to begin. You need to know what items to look for, how to combine them, and how to use them to get the ultimate sword.

Blade of Grass

Zenith Terraria
zenith terraria

During the update to Terraria, Zenith, the strongest melee weapon in Terraria, was introduced. While Zenith is not a sword in the traditional sense, it has sword-like properties, and it can be forged with several swords. This guide will show you how to get the materials necessary to craft the penultimate sword in Terraria.

Zenith is a very powerful weapon, with a base damage of 190. It is the highest DPS weapon in the game. However, Zenith can only be acquired after completing the game.

Zenith is crafted from many different components. In order to craft it, you need to have the following items.

The first component you will need to craft the Zenith is a Copper Shortsword. This can be crafted with 7 copper bars. Another component is a Hell Forge. You will also need an Iron/Lead Anvil. You will also need some ore and swords from throughout the game. The Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil is also an option for crafting Zenith.

Influx Waver

Getting your hands on a properly crafted Influx Waver is a worthy feat in and of itself. Influx Waver stands out in the melee as being the best sword in the game, if not the best sword in Terraria. It’s also the most difficult to obtain, and its presence means a significant increase in the number of enemies per minute. Unlike most swords, Influx Waver can be used to its full potential, albeit only to a capped count.

The downside is that its limited use means that most of its use cases are limited to the enchanted dungeons. Luckily, the enchanted dungeons can be accessed by using a special key that can be obtained via an ominous item found in a random dungeon.

The Influx Waver is a bona fide game changer in the melee arena, and its inclusion in the dungeons has a profound effect on the overall experience. If you’re looking for the best way to obliterate your opponents, you’re going to want to take a cue from the dungeon masters.

Martian Saucer

Defeating the Martian Saucer in Terraria Zenith can be a tough task, but it’s not impossible. Here are a few tips to help you survive the invasion.

First, you should make sure that you are in the outer thirds of the world. If you aren’t, it’s easier for you to die. Also, you can use a box to stop the Saucer from attacking you.

You should also avoid fighting the Celestial Pillars. This is because they will fall after you’ve defeated the Moon Lord. You also don’t want to engage the Martian Engineers. These enemies have low health and can be overwhelming.

The Charged Blaster Cannon is another good weapon to have. It deals 52 base damage and can be charged up to deal more.

Martian Drones are another enemy you should avoid. They are small enemies with low health. They spawn in areas near friendly NPCs. They can be defeated using ranged weapons.

Easy methods to Get Zenith Sword in Terraria

Image 370 Zenith Terraria
zenith terraria

You will get the Zenith sword by crafting it after you have defeated the Moon Lord in a Arduous mode. It’s a melee weapon that may be crafted through the use of totally different sorts of swords. As talked about earlier, you’ll get these weapons as you progress.

Upon getting all of the swords, head over to a Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil crafting station to craft the Zenith sword.

However what are these totally different swords and get them? Talked about beneath are all of the swords wanted to craft the Zenith sword:

Terra Blade

Terra Blade is a sword that may be crafted utilizing some supplies. It’s worthwhile to use the True Night time’s Edge and True Excalibur to get the Terra Blade.

True Night time’s Edge

These are the next gadgets to craft one:

  • Night time’s Edge
  • 20 x Soul of May
  • 20x Soul of Sight

Upon getting this stuff, head over to a Mythril or Orichalcum Forge to craft the True Night time’s Edge.

True Excalibur

These are the next gadgets to craft one:

  • Excalibur
  • 24x Chlorophyte Bars

Just like the earlier sword, head over to the Mythril or Orirchalclum Forge to craft the True Excalibur.

After getting your fingers on each the weapons, you possibly can craft the Terra Blade on the Forge, once more.

Star Wrath

There’s an 11% probability for the Moon Lord to drop this as a reward.


That is one other weapon that has an 11% probability to drop as a reward for defeating the Moon Lord. You may battle this boss a number of instances to get this drop.

Inflow Waver

You will get the Inflow Waver from defeating Martin Saucer. You will discover him as an Occasion boss within the Martian Insanity occasion.

The Horseman’s Blade

You will get this sword as a drop by defeating the occasion boss, Pumpking. It’s worthwhile to grind on the Pumpkin Moon occasion to defeat this boss on the finish. As you defeat Pumpking, you’ll get the Horseman’s blade.


You will get this sword weapon as a reward for defeating the Planetera. There’s a 14% probability for this sword to drop as you defeat him. You may encounter him on the Underground Jungle after defeating 3 mechanical bosses.


For the Starfury, head over to the Floating Islands. You will get this sword contained in the Skyware Chests and Sky crates across the Island.

Bee Keeper

It’s a broadsword that has a 33% probability of dropping as a reward for defeating the Queen Bee. However be cautious of this boss as she has a 90% probability to inflict Complicated debuff.

Enchanted Sword

To get this weapon, head over to the Enchanted Sword Shrines and destroy the background sword sprites.

Copper Shortsword

To craft this sword, all you have to do is use seven Copper bars on the Iron or Lead Anvil. You may craft Copper bars by combining three Copper Ores on the Furnace. Alternatively, you can even get the Copper Ores by defeating Slimes.

Terraria Zenith Sword

  • Upon getting all of the above swords, head over to the Orichalcum or Mythril Anvil to mix them.
  • As you mix these above weapons in a crafting station, you’ll get the Zenith sword.
  • It has an 18% essential strike probability and may inflict over 193 Melee injury.
  • Whereas it has an common velocity, it does have a Sturdy Knockback.

Making the Zenith Sword

Taking part in the Terraria Journey’s End update adds new content, including the Zenith sword. If you want to make this legendary sword, you’ll need a lot of materials. This guide will help you find the necessary items and set you on the right path.

The Zenith Sword is the penultimate weapon in Terraria. It was released with the 1.4 update. The update also added new content, including a journey and master mode. Using the Zenith sword makes it easier to complete these modes.

This weapon is made from a combination of different swords. The Zenith is a Hardmode melee weapon. This means it is a melee weapon with high damage. It also ignores the invincibility frames of enemies, making it easier to attack them.

It is also the most powerful melee weapon in Terraria. It has the highest damage listed and unlisted bonuses. The maximum DPS is 70,000, but it can easily reach over 100k.

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